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Special Offer: May on the Beach

Take advantage of a mini-vacation in May and get off to a great start with our GIFT!
From 40,00 per day per person

How wonderful...

I was looking forward to writing this email ..
Because it means that that day is about to come for real.

Even if there are still a thousand things to do ...
.. I already know that in the end, with a snap of the kidneys, that day will be perfect.

Greetings from friends and colleagues will arrive.
Some certainty will suddenly become frailty.
And some fragility will instead become unshakable certainty.
The desire for summer, which never goes away.

I am happy, because on May 12th a new season begins here at the Hotel Alexandra .

I promise to do my best to make you feel special in the place that is most special to me in the world.

I will give it my all because this is what I love to do.
And because if I love this job it is above all thanks to you, to my Guests.

And to celebrate the start of a new season ...
I decided to get you a little GIFT .

For all May bookings, I will give you my fabulous Brunch upon your arrival.

Yes, exactly.

A Welcome Brunch for all stays of at least 2 nights in May.

Brunch Misano

The offer is valid for any date in May.

In this way you start your mini-holiday in May on the right foot here in Misano.

You can arrive directly in the morning and enjoy my Brunch for FREE even on the day of arrival (which is normally not included and costs € 10 per person).

What do you say?

To get this gift, the only thing you have to do is send a request for a quote below, specifying in the notes "Brunch" by April 14, one week from today.


    What do you need to do now to access the offer? Fill out the quote request, write "Brunch" in the notes and start dreaming:

    • Leave with us in style, take advantage of this May Offer , which allows you to have the free arrival brunch
    • Fill out the form below and write the words "Brunch" in the notes of the form
    • You will receive a personalized quote for the dates you have chosen

    NB: The promotion is reserved for a limited number of bookings and could run out in a few days.


    And if you book in May you will get the following BONUSES FOR FREE:

    • Safe Holiday Guarantee. You can cancel free of charge, without any penalty and for any reason (without medical certificates or justifications), up to 7 days before the departure date
    • Zero deposit. No deposit, nada, nisba .. you really don't risk anything!

    I realized that I forgot to tell you that the location of my hotel is really fantastic .

    No roads to cross ..

    nothing deceptive "a stone's throw from the sea" ...

    we are really ZERO meters from the sea , in the heart of the Lungomare (pedestrian area, therefore very quiet) but full of restaurants and activities.

    Now that I think about it, I have overlooked another very important element too quickly.

    That is my XXL breakfast!

    Which is full of all the good things of God:

    • Many types of homemade cakes
    • Greedy waffles and pancakes
    • Hot, freshly baked croissants
    • Eggs, bacon, cold cuts and cheeses for those who prefer a savory breakfast

    And this year I embellished breakfast with a real Coffee Station, inside the Restaurant Room, for an authentic Coffee Experience:
    • Arm coffee machine
    • Vergnano High Quality Coffee (because without a product of this type, coffee will never be good ..)
    • Fresh milk
    • A bartender dedicated to service
    As you can see, I have thought of everything to make you prepare a proper coffee.

    And from 11.30 ...

    We will kick off our Unique and Original Romagna Brunch!

    • Piadine and cassoncini
    • A typical Romagna first course (surprise!)
    • Creative snacks from our chef (only for true gourmets ..)
    • and .... the legendary Focaccia del Bagnino (you really have to try this!)

    In short..

    if you like me to turn breakfast into a little culinary journey ..
    Then we will quickly become friends. :)

    Now I ask you a simple question ...

    Would you like to spend your holidays here with me?
    I really think so..

    How do you say?
    Is there something blocking you ..?  ""

    Let me guess, I already know what you're thinking ...

    Not sure about going on vacation yet.
    You still have doubts because of the particular moment we are still experiencing.

    Don't worry, I know how you feel ..

    And that is why I have prepared a Special Offer for you.

    Here she is..

    For May stays you can take advantage of the Welcome Offer - which includes the Safe Holiday Guarantee and the Protected Deposit Guarantee (also here I know that we are the only ones in Misano!).

     "" ""

    Precisely because this is not a "normal" period ...

    .. if you book in May , I offer you free cancellation, without any penalty and for any reason (without medical certificates or justifications) and without paying the deposit.

    In this way you can take advantage of the best rates (those active at the moment) and block your favorite room, in total serenity.

    Yes, because you will have the guarantee of being able to cancel without penalty in this way:

    • May : free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival

    I have never applied these generous conditions, but I think it is appropriate to do so right now.

    Many guests were enthusiastic about it.

    These are just some of the phrases our guests said after booking:

    "But really if I cancel I don't lose anything?"
    "If it was that simple I would have booked months ago"
    "Oh finally a happy thought for the future"
    "What a relief to know that we can have our summer vacation"

    How much do you miss that feeling of well-being and happiness that only holidays can give?
    I guess so much.

    All you have to do is fill in the form below ..

    and start making the dream of your Romagna holidays a reality.

    Everything is ready here.
    I am waiting for you..


    Request a quote now, fill out the form and start dreaming:


    We remind you that at the Hotel Alexandra, you have always guaranteed:

    • Fantastic location in the heart of Misano. We are a real beachfront hotel, in the center of the delightful pedestrian area of Misano.
    • The longest breakfast in Misano! Very long breakfast (until 12.30) with the possibility of accessing several times
    • Breakfast becomes Brunch. A small Brunch, to be enjoyed from our room facing the sea
    • 2 Parking spaces at your disposal. We have two parking lots both fenced and with video surveillance: one inside and one 200 meters from the hotel
    • you will find free Wi-Fi , even in the room
    • we offer free bike rental , to be able to move freely

    Here you will find Special Offers for direct bookings (which you will not find anywhere else)



    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 024 LOCATION

    Great location directly by the sea, helpful and kind personnel, always willing to satisfy requests, excellent cleaning, rich buffet breakfast, delicious lunches and dinners, excellent service. I went there 2 years ago and twice this year, always super satisfied! Thanks a lot
    Cristina L - 27 agosto 2018

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 025

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 024 SERVICES

    Hotel for families, new and well-equipped rooms. Skilled, professional and kind staff. Varied and delicious food, both at breakfast and at the main meals. Entertainment for children. They even provided a stroller for our baby. Recommended!
    irenegelosi - 2 ottobre 2018

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 027

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 028 CLEANLINESS

    We could not choose any better, everything is at the right place, cleanliness, courtesy, good food, helpful owners and professional staff. You wake up in the morning to find a delicious breakfast with smiling and greeting staff.
    bruno d 19 agosto 2018

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 029

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 030 RESTAURANT

    My husband and I spent a very pleasant LUXURIOUS week in this hotel: youthful, dynamic, helpful, bright and courteous staff, varied and excellent quality cuisine to suit all tastes (both abundance and refinement!).
    Fanni R 7 settembre 2018

    hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 027
    JUST ONE STEP LEFT! CAN WE SEND YOU A QUOTE? Fill out the form to start your next holiday right away!hotelalexandra en 1-en-326321-special-offer-may-on-the-beach 032
    We are located right on the seafront We are located right on the seafront
    Bicycles are free of charge Bicycles are free of charge
    Our breakfast is up to 12 am Our breakfast is up to 12 am
    We have a parking lot We have a parking lot
    Wi-Fi connection is new and even faster Wi-Fi connection is new and even faster
    We love the environment, our system is photovoltaic We love the environment, our system is photovoltaic
    The double panoramic elevator will leave you speechless The double panoramic elevator will leave you speechless
    We organize excursions and food and wine days with the Consorzio Misano Vacanze We organize excursions and food and wine days with the Consorzio Misano Vacanze
    Our partner beach has a swimming pool Our partner beach has a swimming pool

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